6 Fun Kids Activities for Long Car Journeys

Long car journeys are indicative of stellar views, the adrenaline rush that comes from tearing past the highway at soaring speeds, and most importantly, the tranquility of the getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. While this might paint the perfect picture of sunny skies with thin folds of clouds as accompaniment, it falls short of the dream if you’ve got a restless child onboard looking for his/her next distraction.

Engaging children as a part of your regular day to day activities proves to be a task in itself, one can’t help but think how big of a challenge it would seem like on moving wheels! Before you set out to hit the panic button over being underprepared for your big expedition, consider this lineup of fun activities to keep your little ones engaged right through.

And Bingo was His Name-o!

Bingo is an all-time child favourite which would certainly mean that travel bingo is no stranger to the equation! It’s an effective way to keep your children busy without any adult intervention. For each object that the child notices, right from traffic lights, birds on power lines or perhaps even car washes, they mark the squares. Creativity has no bounds in bingo and you can take things up a notch by making your own bingo cards with landmarks for your trip.

A Wordy Affair, Perhaps?

Word games are yet another way to pass time during long arduous car journeys. There are a plethora of options to choose from right from chaining words together that begin with the last letter of a said word to even Eating the Alphabet! What’s that, you ask?

The game begins with the first player leading off by stating, “I’m so hungry I could eat, (an item beginning with the letter A).” This is followed by the next player repeating all the previous items in alphabetical order while adding another item beginning with the next letter. The game ends once the end of the alphabet is reached.

The repercussions, however, could involve stirring up an appetite so be prepared with snacks lest you end up with a whole lot of cranky!

How About Some Help with Navigation?

Planning and execution intrigue children to quite an extent, so involving them in the process might prove to be useful. For starters, you can give them a map of your journey which gives them a sense of control when they step outside the comfort of your home. They are kept engaged and on their feet right through leaving you with as much time as you need to yourself!

Another interesting activity for your children to partake in is to print out an empty map of your state and draw the trip route on it. Allow them to colour and decorate the map as you go. And just like that, you’ve engaged them in a task at hand! Simple, isn’t it?

Riddle Me This!

Riddles are fun for people of all ages- children and adults alike. To perhaps tickle your little one’s funny bone or perhaps your own, you could print out a list of riddles. Ask them to your children and let them burrow through their minds to get to the solution. No matter how frustrating a riddle might seem they are bound to get to the bottom of it! Not only does this activity keep them engaged, but also works to improve their analytic and cognitive skills. So all around, it’s a win-win situation!

In the past we’ve printed off JellyQuest’s awesome list of riddles for kids, all of which went down well!

Work that Workbook!

Workbooks tend to keep children engaged right through as they hustle through the many activities listed in them. There are a variety of inexpensive options for road trips that you can purchase. Despite the fact that your children might not be able to read through the activities, they would still want to do the activity correctly, even if it means endlessly scribbling away with their favourite colours!

Snacks, Snacks and Yes, Snacks!

A long car ride would be all but complete without the addition of your child’s favourite snacks. From mini chocolate chip cookies, crispy cheddar crackers, granola bars, bunny snacks or even dry cereal- there is no dearth of choice! You could also add a healthy bit into the mix such as plain yogurt, string cheese, baby carrots and the like. Carry along juice boxes and other sweet treats and boom, you have the perfect mix to keep their energy levels high!

Before you set out to hit the road, be sure that you tick items off this list to keep your children engaged and happy right through the journey. May you journey into the sun, with peace and fun, with memories to cherish in the long run!


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