About KiDs of Bolton

KiDs of Bolton is aimed at KiDs under the age of 18 that live in and around the Bolton area. Our aim is to help KiDs develop skills, confidence, self-esteem, discipline and create opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.


Whatever circumstances these KiDs find themselves in whether it be poverty, disability, or social and economic circumstances. I feel I can develop their skills, capacities, capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature, responsible and disciplined individuals.

There are many great charities supporting many great causes in the UK and around the world but I wanted to raise money for the local communities that have supported me since I joined Bolton Wanderers (10 years ago). My family and I now regard Bolton as home. I will also have control of how every penny is spent and direct contact with the people that we will be helping. I think this is very important.

I personally know how tough it can be for some families raising and providing for their children. I was one of six growing up on a council estate in Sheffield. It was very hard for my parents to finance my footballing ambitions. They worked really hard to provide for me but my first manager bought my football boots and kit. Who knows, without his support, i may not have gone on and achieved my dream of being a professional footballer.

I think that there is a lot of talented youngsters out there and hopefully with my help and support we can help one or two of them to go on and achieve their dreams. If you know somebody who you feel could benefit from my charity then please get in touch with us.

If you feel that you could help this charity in any way then please get in touch.

Thanks for your interest,


Bolton Wanderers Captain